5 Best Beaches in North Goa for Nightlife

Beaches in North Goa for Nightlife

Heaven for a party lover, if goa was to be summarized in one word it would be called ‘pristine’. It has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. for Beaches in North Goa for Nightlife 

Sparkling blue water, silver sands, white churches, beautiful greenery with loads of coconut trees lined up as they are welcoming you. Goa is one such place that you can fall in love with on its first visit. Goa is not only about sun, sand & beach but it’s way beyond that, it’s happening nightlife, delectable seafood, thrilling water activities, and many more.

Here are some of the best beaches in goa for nightlife

1. Anjuna

Anjuna Beach

Great place to enjoy nightlife and is located 18 km from Panaji and 8 km to the west of Mapusa, North Goa.  Beach is mostly famous for its Trance parties which are held on its beautiful beach between October to April.

Water sports activities in anjuna beach : 

If you are a huge fan of water activities then this is it, this place offers a wide range of water sports activities like :

  • Parasailing 
  • Snorkelling 
  • Bumpy Banana ride
  • Boat ride 
  • Jet ski ride 

Cool spots & Beaches in North Goa for Nightlife at anjuna beach :

  • Curlies 
  • Shiva valley 
  • Club Banana 
  • Cafe Lilliput 
  • Xtreme sports bar

Shopping at Anjuna Beach:

Anjuna Flea Market: One cannot miss this place if you are a big shopping lover or even if you are not you have to dig out this place for its hippie clothes, jewelry, leather bags & whatnot. This flea market welcomes all merchandise from all over the world. People from foreign come & sell their beautiful handmade or antique pieces. 

2. Baga Beach goa

Baga Beach Goa

Situated in North Goa, this beach is bordered by Calangute & Anjuna beach. One of the most happening beaches in north goa where you will find most of the water activities, fine – dine resto, clubs, beach shacks.

One can also go for Dolphin spotting tours & Island trips. 

Water sports activities in Anjuna beach.

Baga beach is all about its plenty of water sports activities.

  • Parasailing
    • Parasailing 
    • Jet ski 
    • Banana ride 
    • Bumper ride
    • Bodyboarding 
    • Kayaking 
    • Paddleboarding 
    • Knee Boarding 
    • Speed boat rides
    • Wakeboarding 
    Banana Ride

    Beach shacks to enjoy the nightlife at Baga beach :

    • Club Titos 
    • Cafe Mambos
    • Club Hype 
    • Kamaki

    Shopping at Baga beach:

    Arpora Saturday night flea market and Mackie’s night bazaar are the most common & famous flea markets over here. This is the place you can get your hands on some of the beautiful artistic & boutiques from all over the world but doesn’t forget to bargain on all your purchases.

    3. Calangute beach (Best Beaches in North Goa for Nightlife)

    Calangute beach

    The beach is known as QUEEN OF BEACHES’ in goa. Calangute beach is a heaven for nature lovers or adventurers to party freaks, this beach has got your heart.

    How to reach at Calangute beach :

    How to reach the beach from Panaji: one can easily reach Calangute beach from Panaji via local transportation or private cabs as the distance is only 11 km. It hardly takes 15-20 mins to reach the beach, totally depending on the traffic. 

    How to reach the beach from Goa international airport : 

    The beach is located around 40 km from the airport. You can easily get local buses which will take you an hour and 30 mins or else you can simply grab a private taxi or book a cab which will hardly take 30-40 mins to reach the beach. 

    Water sports activities in calangute beach:

    • Parasailing 
    • Bumper ride 
    • Jet ski 
    • Banana ride

    Beach shacks to enjoy the nightlife at Calangute beach:

    • The Red Lion Pub 
    • Tio Tilly’s Bar & Kitchen 
    • Carvalho’s 
    • Sportsman Bar 
    • Spice it

    Shopping at Calangute beach:

    Tibetan market:

    The Tibetan market is located between Baga beach & Calangute beach. This place is majorly hyped for its products related to Tibetan culture such as Incense Sticks, Blankets, Statues, Prayer flags and even singing bowls

    Saturday market:

    The Tibetan market is located between Baga beach & Calangute beach. Saturday market is majorly hyped for its products related to Tibetan culture such as Incense Sticks, Blankets, Statues, Prayer flags and even singing bowls

    The Fish Market

    The biggest fish market in Goa is also known as the Calangute  Naikwadi fish market. Heaven for all the fish lovers out there as you got a lot of varieties of fish as well as authentic Goan seafood like tiger prawns, fresh crabs, mackerel.

    4. Candolim beach

    Candolim beach

    Goa is known for its Beaches filled with shacks, white sand, pubs, and flea markets. Candolim beach is one of the best beaches to experience the immersive Goan experience. This beach is a part of the Goan trio which is Baga, Calangute, Candolim beach where all the happening parties take place. 

    Candolim beach is located in North Goa along the stretch of Aguada fort & is 12.5 km from Panaji. 

    This beach is one of the best beaches in north goa to experience water sports or other activities like Jet Ski, Bumpy Banana Ride, Snorkeling, Parasailing & even Scuba Diving!

    How to reach Candolim beach:

    Distance from the bus: It takes around 30-40 mins to reach Candolim beach from Panaji.

    Car / Taxi: You can even opt for your own car or hire a taxi it will minimize the duration as it will take only 15-20 mins to reach the beach.

    If available, you can also look for a cruise from Panaji.

    How to reach Candolim Beach from Goa International Airport: It hardly takes half an hour to reach the beach from Airport which can be covered by Bus or Taxi.

    Water Sports Activities in Candolim beach:

    • Parasailing 
    • Bumpy Banana Ride 
    • Snorkeling
    • Jet Ski
    • Boat ride

    Beach Shacks to enjoy the nightlife at Candolim beach:

    • Bar Eclipse 
    • Bar1
    • Latino 
    • Bar Square Goa 
    • SinQ Beach Club

    Shopping at Candolim Beach:

    If you want to get your hands on Souvenirs and Trinkets, then this beach should be on your list. They aren’t only of good quality but the prices are affordable too. 

    Delfino’s Supermarket:

    Delfino’s Supermarket is a One-stop retail market that offers a wide range of personal products as well as basic home amenities to the customers. 

    Newton’s Supermarket:

    This is a supermarket which provides everything ranging from fresh fruits, local wine, green tea & Swiss Cheese.

    5. Morjim Beach

    Morjim Beach Goa

    This is one of the best beaches in Northern Goa and is acknowledged for its scenic beauty of changing colors in the sky. 

    The Morjim beach is addressed as one of the pristine beaches in North Goa for its tranquil environment. 

    Morjim beach is also known as ‘Little Russia’. One of the major reasons being that it has a huge settlement of Russian inhabitants. The people come from Russia to stay in the pristine environment of Morjim. 

    The beach is also known for one more reason. It is widely known as the breeding place of Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. 

    One can come here and spend time with some amazing creatures of nature. 

    How to reach Morjim beach:

    How to reach Morjim beach from Panaji?

    The distance between Morjim beach and Panaji is around 27 km. You can reach here by all means of transport from the bus, trains to rental taxi or your own car. 

    How to reach Morjim beach from Goa International Airport 

    The distance between Morjim beach and the Airport is close to 52 km. You can cover the distance by local bus or taxis. if you want to save your time you can use a paid taxi which will take less time and save money as well. 

    Water Sports Activities in Morjim beach :

    • Flyboarding 
    • Jet Ski
    • Surfing
    • Bumper ride
    • Boat ride

    Beaches in North Goa for Nightlife at Morjim beach: 

    There are multiple beach shacks to choose from to enjoy the nightlife at Morjim beach.

    • Boom Shack
    • Club Fresh 
    • Bora Bora 
    • Ciel Goa 
    • Junk Club Restro Bar 

    Shopping at Morjim Beach:

    There are small flea markets where you can shop for essentials.

    Siolim Fish Market:

    Siolim Fish Market is very close to Morjim Sea Beach. stated as one of the biggest fish markets in the whole state of Goa as it has a variety of fish in the market.


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