Himachali Rasoi – Shimla (Mall Road)


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Himachali Rasoi is located in the middle Bazar, Mall Road, and has a small cozy ambiance and sitting arrangement serving the local & traditional Himachali cuisines with excellent taste.

If you are a tourist or a solo traveler and have never tried Himachali food, should definitely give this place a try if, you are a hardcore foodie and interested in hopping out the local cuisines.

The only problem I saw, was the place is very small which caused difficulty in sitting for a long time. But rather than that the food is a must-try.

The thing that attracted me the most towards this restaurant was the traditional seating arrangement which was to sit on the floor in a relaxed way as it was followed several years back.

Different Thalis at Himachali Rasoi

  1. Kangri Dham Thali ( Served on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday) – Full (Unlimited)/ Half – Rs 219/171. Thali includes: Rice, Four Curries (Yogurt based chickpeas, sweet and sour Black gram, split Bengal gram with Fennel, Smoked Spiced Black Lentil, Boondi & Dry Fruit Sweet)
  1. Mandyali Dham Thali ( Served on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) – Full (Unlimited)/ Half – Rs 219/171). Thali includes: Rice, Five curries( Yogurt based beans, Lentils Fritters in Spinach gravy, Sweet & sour Pumpkin, Yogurt based kadhi, Black lentil, Pumpkin, and Dry Fruit Sweet)

Popular Dishes

  • Siddu
  • Sweet & Savoury (Khus Khus)
  • Babroo(Fried Wheat Bread)
  • Patande(Wheat Pancakes)

Address & Contact Details of Himachali Rasoi

Address: 54, Mall Rd, Middle Bazar, The Mall, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171001

Mob: 0177 265 2386

Timing of Himachali Rasoi

  • Season – Open Year Round
  • Price – 500 (For 2)
  • Meal Server – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Credit Card Accepted – Yes
  • Alcohol Served – No
  • Outdoor Seating – No

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