Litti Chokha Recipe | लिट्टी चोखा विधि

litti chokha recipe

Litti Chokha recipe is the most popular dish in Bihar. It has become the synonym of Bihari cuisine. Wheat flour dough is wrapped around Sattu filling and enjoyed with Chokha. Traditionally, it is slow-cooked on cow dung that imparts earthy flavor to it.

How to make Sattu

Sattu is roasted Bengal gram flour which is the new superfood. It is rich in protein. They say that Sattu can be stored for 3 years and doesn’t spoil easily. Hence, Litti chokha became food for farmers. It can stay unspoiled for a long time.

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Chokha is made in many ways. some people only use brinjal and some only use potatoes. Sometimes they add tomatoes and sometimes not. In this version, I have used all three of them. The beauty of Chokha is that it isn’t cooked and the raw mustard oil flavor adds the required pungency to it.

बिहार में बहार होता है,
जहां सूरज को जमीन से प्यार होता है।
बर्गर, कोक ये सब नखरे तुम्हारे है, हमारे लिए तो खाना लिट्टी-चोखा और आचार होता है।

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How To Make Litti Chokha Recipe at Home

Step 1 : Preparing dough for Litti

In a bowl, take 2-3 cups of whole wheat flour/atta, salt, 1tsp carom seeds (ajwain), and 1 tbsp of ghee or oil and give it a mix.
Now add water in parts & knead to a soft smooth dough. Add water depending on the quantity of the flour.
Cover the dough and keep it aside.

Step 2: Prepare Sattu filling for Litti

Take 1 – 1½ cup of Sattu / roasted gram flour in a bowl.
Slightly crush ajwain & nigella seeds on the palm and add them to Sattu.
Then add salt, little red chili powder.
Next add 1to 2 teaspoons of green chilies, finely chopped ginger & garlic.
Add finely chopped onions too 1 onion will be enough if u like it. You can also add coriander leaves little not much.
Then add 1 full lemon juice according to your sour taste if u want it to be chatpata and if u have achari aam pickle masala just add 1 tbsp of masala to this and it’s done lastly heat 2-3 tbsp of mustard oil add to Sattu filling and give it a mix with your nice clean hands.
Add 1-2 tbsp of water if it’s too dry for you or else let it be.

Sprinkle some water into the dough and knead well again.
The Sattu stuffing mixture should not be too dry or too wet. If the mixture will be dry dryness will be felt while eating.

Sattu filling for litti chokha by swaad bihar ka

Step 3: Making Litti balls & stuffing:

Make medium-sized balls from the dough then sprinkle some flour and make a circle of it then add 2-3 tbsp of Sattu filling in the center, pleat and then join the edges.

Step 4: The right way to bake Litti

Now if u want to eat the Litti in the smoky roasted way then u have to roast or grill it on the griller under the coal place the coal under the wired griller then add the Litti and let it cook from one side once it’s done from the one side then flip it and let it cook from the other side.
Simple you are done now without ghee Litti is incomplete so we will dip the Litti in ghee and take it out or if u don’t want to eat loads of ghee then just brush it and you are done.

Baking Of Litti on Griller
Baking Of Litti on Griller

Step 5: Making of Chokha

Chokha can be of many types like the one basically served along with Litti is the baingan Ka Chokha.
But people also like to have it with aloo chokha & tamatar Chokha.
So aloo chokha is the simple one you make it.
Now coming on to Baingan Ka Chokha so firstly take 2-3 baingan , tamatar , green chilies & garlic.
You just have to keep it on the gas stove or the griller and let it cook.
So take baingan slit it from the center add green chilies and garlic pods apply little oil on the baingan & place it on the gas.
Same keep the tomatoes too to roast
Once it’s done take out all of them and peel the skin of tomatoes, brinjal, and wash it off & coarsely mash them.
Now to make Chokha it’s very simple to add the mashed mixture to the bowl then add finely chopped onions, salt, chili powder, amchoor powder & coriander leaves & lemon juice mix it well.

Serve Litti hot with the spicy & tangy Baingan ka Chokha.

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